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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 20, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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thank you, thank youo=j simpson learns he will be able to walk out of prison in less than three months,"i'm not a guy who lived a criminal life. i'm a pretty straight shooter." nine years into a 33=year sentence for kidnapping and armed robbery.... he will be free."well deserved. well de served"bay area reaction ranging from approval to apathy.i'm oj'd out. (grant) o-j simpson will soon b a free man. after his parole is granted in nevada. thank you for joining us i'm grant for pam moore. (steve) and i'm steve aveson. tonight we're learning more about what parole will mean for the former n-f-l superstar turned felon. kron 4's j.r. stone has spent the last two days in carson city. he joins us live in nevada tonight. j-r what's the next step for o.j.? (j.r.)well he's requesting to go back to florida, where he
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was living before this armed robbery happened and where he has family members live. but it is a waiting game while he finishes his sentence. i will get to that in a those on the parole board said that the decision to approve simpson's parole came down to several key factors. he had no prior convictions before this case, a positive record in jail including programs he was involved in, support from the victim, and family support. the board said today that simpson has requested to live in florida. that request will go to officials there. they will then have 45 days to approve or deny the request. meanwhile simpson will be finishing out his term. today the nevada department of corrections warden was asked about simpson's safety in jail in his last few can he request any special treatment or protection. he could make that request but he would have to provide some
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sort of evidence to base that request off of. because he talked about it today in the hearing. that prisoners have a tendancy to do things for stupid reason so if someone had it out for him and wanted to jeopardize his parole.they have had nine years to do that hahahaha.(j.r.)will florida allow simpson back? officials say in cases where the person has lived in the state previously and had family members therethere are strong probibilites of approvals. but certainly to be continued. live in carson city, j.r. stone kron 4 news. (steve) thank you j-r for that report (steve) o-j simpson did a lot of the talking today... and at times was emotional and apologetic. (grant) he offered up reasons why he should be released... after serving nine
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years for robbery and kidnapping. his appearance has also changed since the last time we saw him. commisioner tony corda. "what were you thinking" and with that - all eyes and ears were on what o.j. simpson and what he to say to help tip the scales and try and convince the 4 person parole board to set him free after serving 9 years of his 22 year sentence for his crimes. simpson, looking trim - especially compared to his last parole hearing in 2013 - seemed committed to saying the right things to sway the board, including apologizing profusely for what happened back in 2007. oj. i did not make an excuses. i did my time. i told warden, that i would be no problem, and i was not a problem. i was a model inmate, no one better i was helpful to everybody. i am sorry to nevada. simpson recapped his entire version of the events that lead to his incarceration explaining why he participated in the crime to retrieve some of his personal items and memorabillia. simpson. i thought it good to get stuff back, but 9 years away from my family not worth it. when asked whether he was humbled
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by his time - and learned anything behind bars, simpson said yes. he appreciated his classes - one on conflict resolution and again, mentioning his family. simpson. "i have four kids. i have missed alot. i am a giving guy. i am at a point in my lfie, i want to spend as much time with my chldren and friends. i have done my tine and i have done my best. there was a light moment in the hearing - at the beginning when a commissioner made a mistake about o.j's birthday. "you recently turned 90 years old? i feel that way. sorry about that. let's take a few decades off that." in the end, it was oj smiling broadly, as he thanked the board, when they granted him release in the fall. simpson. thank you, thank you.
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(grant) one of the victims in the armed robbery...came to simpson's defense... saying o-j made a mistake.... and that his sentence of nine to 33 years was way too long. < i've known o.j. for a long time. i don't feel that he's a threat to anyone out there. he's a good man. he made a mistake, and if he called me tomorrow and said, bruce, i'm getting out, will you pick me up, juice, i'll be here tomorrow for you. i mean that, buddy.>(grant) fromong went on to say during the armed robbery o-j never pulled a gun on him and never laid a hand on him. (steve) tonight we heard from legal analyst jim hammer.
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(grant) he gave perspective about the parole board's decision... and why he says... o-j got a little bit lucky today. (steve) now reaction to o-j's parole is coming from just about all over the world. and considering simpson's bay area roots --there is no shortage of opinions on the
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case kron-4's haaziq madyun visited an east bay barber shop --- where all eyes were on the ruling. here at lucky's barber shop in oakland, all eyes were on the tv screen when the decision was made to release o.j. simpson on parole bay area rapper trakk says he believes o.j.'s 33-year sentence for robbery and kidnapping was judicial payback after a jury found him not guilty of murdering his wife keeping it
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100 means keeping it real, aidan bradley says nine years behind bars is real enough in this case
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there is... has maintained its value. but now that o-j will soon be free... and likely to get back in the memorabilia business, prices are expected to drop.(sot) hernandez says the last o.j. item he sold was a jersey that went for$300. he thinks that the juice might still be able to command as much as $50-thousand dollars for a private signing (steve) all this week -- and all morning long - we have tracked this big story on air and online. we sent a push alert the moment the parole decision was made. you can be the first to know about breaking news with our free kron-4 app. and follow the story at kron-4 dot com. there hear more of o-j's plea to the parole board
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--- reaction from our legal analyst. and o=j's roots here in the bay area. (grant) our other top story tonight. the massive detwiler wildfire. it's destroyed 99 structures===fifty of them homes. and is threatening 15-hundred more. (grant) it's burned an area more than twice the size of san francisco. tonight--- thousands are still under evacuation orders... as this fire tears through the sierra foothills. kron-4's hermela aregawi joins us live from merced where evacuees are attending a community meeting.. hermela the word frightening is used a
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lot. there are 5000 people that had to evacuate out of their homes and the thought of coming back to nothing is understandably really scary. the local sheriff describes this fire as destructive, fast moving and the real deal and it's proving to be just that. fire officials say it's been growing and spreading throughout the day. but they say in the last two days they have made some significant progress in creating fire barriers in the south. the fire is now spreading north. in the meantime, all that residents and business owners can do is wait. right now downtown mariposa is a ghost town. all businesses are required to be clsoed. so they are also under their own stress. we talked to some people who own the hotels in the area. they say they've had to refund days worth of
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guests. losing thousands of dollars a day and counting. mia gloor/business owner: not knowing where when we get here we can leave, when we're home if we can come back. we just can't. we haven't left out business and the challenges are we have empty rooms and we wish we can utilize those rooms for people that are here helping us save our town. amy conway/resident: to be honest this fire has been terrifying. i didn't think it would get as close as it's gotten and as many homes would be evacuated. it's not just inconvenient. it's the terror of it. you know what's going to be left when everybody goes back to their homes. who is going to have homes to go to. and that is the fear. a lot of the people in this area were born and raised here... some generations in. so they've got years worth of stuff in their homes.. items of sentimental value that they didn't have time to grab or forgot to grab (hermela aregawi) a lot of those people will be at a townhall tonight in merced. we'll be there and have that perspective for you coming up on kron 4 news a 8. reporting live in mariposa, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news ahead at eight.. cars stolen or broken into in bart parking lots. the east bay stations hit by thieves. plus. their big day turns into a big loss. a couple... pleads for the precious memories of their wedding be returned. and next. a father killed pushing his baby in a stroller down the street. tonight we hear from a neighbor there when the killing happened. i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i
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will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break. [ indistinct chatter ] [ intense music playing ] it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the e300 for $569 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. (steve) a father killed
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while pushing his baby boy in a stroller... is now identified as 29-year-old daniel del-toro.(grant) kron four's philippe djegal visited the makeshift memorial for the father... and talked with a neighbor who was there when shots rang out.
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no name/neighbor- "he fell here. right like here. that's sad." as 29-year-old daniel del-toro's family light's candles and posts a picture of their loved one, where he passed away... a neighbor who wishes to remain private... says she heard at least three gunshots wednesday afternoon directly outside her home on willow name/neighbor- "and, then when i looked out my window, i seen a body. and, that's my first time ever seeing somebody bleeding." del-toro's family describes him as a fun loving stay at home dad... who loved his son dearly. the son he was pushing in a stroller when he was killed. del-toro's family also says he loved basketball and all kinds of sports.sgt. ray kelly/alco sheriff's office- "we can't classify it as a driveby at this point. we do believe there's an associated vehicle. uh, we are looking for that car." sergeant ray kelly, with the alameda county sheriff's office says... initially, the child was placed in protective custody... but has since been reunited with his mother. he was not injured. kelly
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says investigators are looking into del-toro's background -- any possible gang-ties -- to determine who would have wanted him dead.sgt. ray kelly/alco sheriff's office- "his child is now going to have to grow up, um, knowing that they were there when their father was killed. so, i, you know, people's past, um, in times like this, there's nothing that would justify a crime like this. so, whether he has a criminal history or not, uh, that's irrelevant." del-toro is survived by his wife and young boy who live near the scene of the crime. in hayward, philippe djegal, kron four news. (grant) three chp officers who fatally shot an armed carjacking suspect after a car crash on highway 101have been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing. the decision... comes after a district attorney concluded today that the use of lethal force...was justifiable. the april 28th incident...invol ved two seperate cars. one driver got out of his car and pulled out a gun. when chp arrived ... officers say they
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asked him to put the weapon down. and when the suspect didn't...officers fired two shots...hitting the man. (steve) a warning before you park your car at bart. in the past 24 hours, there have been several car burglaries at stations across the east bay.police say the burglaries were just some of the crimes reported since yesterday. two of the burglaries happened at this bart station in south hayward. one incident...involved a car being stolen right out of the parking lot. the other crimes happened at bart stations including oakland, at the coliseum station, the bay fair station...and the rockridge station. the majoritiy were auto burglaries where vehicles were pakred...and their windows were smashed.
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explains...the pair is now hoping that whomever took the pictures will give them back. sotit was a bit crazyon monday, enzo and giavanna acosta were married at san francisco city hall. they had a hired a photographer to take picture before and after the wedding.sotgiavanna acosta says after the ceremony we did pictures with family.but the next day, giavanna received a phone call from the photographer stating that the pictures were gone. apparently, the photographer had stopped at san francisco's presidio to use a bathroom and while she was away, someone broke into her car and stole the camera that held the acosta's photos. giavanna is devastated.sotgiavanna acosta says shocked. i didn't believe it. i cried.the couple do have a handful of photos from the ceremony that were taken by friends and family, but these pictures can't replace those taken by the professional.sotgiavanna acosta says she was the one up front and center during our ceremony. those are the ones we really wanted to see.the
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acosta's plan to reshoot the photos as best they can but they're really hoping that whoever stole the pictures will give them back.sot giavanna acosta says would like the ask from the bottom of my hear that they return the memory cards at least so we have photos of the most special day of our lives. now, giavanna and enzo are offering a 1000 dollar reward for the return of the pictures. in livermore, charles clifford kron 4 news. (grant) police are warning people to use caution when hiking in the hills behind u-c berkeley due to a recent mountain lion sighting.(grant) the mountain lion was seen midday yesterday behind the clark kerr campus. campus police say a construction worker nearby spotted the mountain lion. several carcasses of different animals have been spotted in the area west of claremont canyon reserve. campus police say hikers should not walk alone... and keep children and small pets within close proximity. (steve) looking live at s-f-o. beautiful sunset
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tonight. as a warming trend heads our way,(grant) kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now...with just how hot it will get a building ridge of high pressure will lead to warmer temperatures into the weekend. patchy drizzle and fog at the coast is also likely during the overnight hours.
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new ahead at 8. a pregnant mother goes into birth early --- while on vacation to mexico. now the family is fighting to get the newborn back to the u-s. ((steve)) here's what we are tracking tonight at ten...police call it "beyond hartless"cell phone video posted on social media..showing a man struggling in the water.what makes matters worse...five teens were on shore filming, and even mocking him...instead of calling for help.hear from the victim's fiance..and why police say no charges will be filed.that's tonight on kron 4
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news at ten.
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((anchor lead - landing vo)) now this is something out of a james bond movie kron 4 got a close up look at a new high- tech personal jet that pretty much flies itself. and it has this built in parachute system that can save the lives of passengers and those below on the ground from severe crashes. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows us how it works. the cirrus aircraft vision jet is the first personal jet on the market with a single engine. personal jet being those little guys the rich and famous fly arou nd the bay
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area the ones that hold 3-6 people. this one engine technical breakthrough pushes aviation forward and helps the environment. with only one engine the plane is lighter, consumes less fuel, and requires less maintenance. now at two million dollars most of will never own or even ride in one of these.. but this personal jet has a feature that can also help us land lovers.. how many times have we all seen the video of a small personal airplane crash in a field or on a highway. it happens a lot. this vision jet will feature the cirrus aircraft exclusive parachute safety system there is a lever in the cockpit the pilot can pull and relase a parachute that will slow the plane down before impact. this safety feature was first introduced into their propeller planes a few years ago.. ben kowalski / cirrus aircraft says: " over 140 people have been saved due to this safety feature " ben kowalski with cirrus
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aircraft explains how the chute is deployed from the nose of the aircraft. ben kowalski / cirrus aircraft says: " over 140 people have been saved due to this safety feature " parachute gets extracted by an airbag then a rocket takes it up and all along the frame of the plane is straps that reinforce the airframe parachute so the whole plane glydes down slow" with your tech report gabe slate kron 4 news. (steve) breaking news right now in san francisco where detectives are investigating a murder police confirming this in the last five minutes. it happened tonight just after 7 in the city's hayes valley neighborhood. a man was stabbed and died at the scene. we will stay on top of this story and bring you updates throughout the night. always track breaking news on our kron-4 mobile app. and at kron-4 dot com. ahead at eight.. for the first time we're hearing from the police chief about the fatal shooting of a bride to be in minneapolis. why she says the officers' body cameras were not on. plus. restrictions on carry-ons for u-s bound flights lifted ... what
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you're now allowed to bring. and next. why berkeley college republicans are getting special help from the university to host a conservative speaker. ((brittney tease))i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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(steve) u-c berkeley is now putting out the welcome mat for a speech by a conservative commentator, after initially saying there were "no room". (grant) kron 4's dan kerman has details on how this latest controversey maybe could have been averted. 8pkgafter initially telling berkeley college republicans there were no venues available for a september 14 speech by conservative commentator ben shapiro the university is now saying they have found various
8:31 pm
spots for the speech to occur sot right now we are confident this event can take place on september 14dan mogulof is a spokesman for uc berkeleysot dan mogulof/uc berkeley spokesman 20-30we have gone ahead and looked at venues not normally available to sutdents free of charge and have determined there are spaces available for the event and this morning the chancellor decided in the context to our commitment to free speech that the university will help underwrite the cost of the venue should the berkeley college republicans choose to accept it we will underwrite those costs if there are fees involvedthis late breaking decision had not made its way to college republicans or their attorney but we brought it to their attentionsotgreat , i will light a candle.. i hope that happensattorney harmeet dhillon represents berkeley college repulicans. she says the univeristy's history when it comes to proposed speakers like milo yianopolous and ann coulter doesn't give her a lot of confindence, but she remain optimistic this can happensot harmeet dhillon/attorney for berkeley college republicans 112-122i'd like the see the speech occur, i'd like to see the vent occur successfully, i'd like to see students with different political viewpoints have a chance to engage with
8:32 pm
this very intelligent speaker standup dan kerman/uc berkeley 124-134in terms of whats next, first the university has to inform college republicans that there is a venue, then the two sides have to meet and agree on security, an exact location and a time. so still a lot to do but again the university says it's confident this can happen . at uc berkeley, dan kerman kron 4news.151/std there are still many un- answered questions surrounding the fatal police shooting of a woman in minneapolis...who was about to get married. justine ruszczyk (rouge-chick) called 9-1-1 after she thought she heard someone being sexually assaulted outside her home.. when officers arrived ruszczyk (rouge- chick) reportedly approached
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the driver's side of the police car and was talking to the driver.. her fiance says that's when the officer in the passanger's seat shot ruszczyk in the stomach..killin g her. adding to the mystery of it all..there is no video of the incident. police chief janee harteau: "we've had cameras for about eight months so it's not second nature for officers to put those cameras on yet. which is why we want to do everything we can in training and in our policy to ensure that they're put on before an officer arrives at the scene because one can never predict when something is going to happen.justine didn't have to die. based on the publicly released information from the vca, this should not have happened. on our squad cars, you will find the words 'to protect with courage and to serve with compassion.' this did not happen." ruszczyk (rouge-chick) relocated from australia to the u.s. in 2014 to live with her fiance. they were set to be married next month. (steve) today the
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department of homeland security has lifted laptop bans on flights to the united states. (steve) officials say both airlines and airports have complied with the first phase of secretary john kelly's security enhancements. now restrictions are no longer in effect for the last of ten airports with u-s bound flights. in a statement officials say airlines and airports participation shows signs of commitment to raising the bar on global security. (steve) looking live this thursday evening at the golden gate bridge. pretty outside.(grant) yeah and it's going to heat up again. let's check in with brittney shipp for your end of the week forecast a building ridge of high pressure will lead to warmer temperatures into the weekend. patchy drizzle and fog at the
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coast is also likely during the overnight hours.
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(( grant ))if you happened to be in pacifica and noticed a lot of motorcycle officers...maybe you wondered why, because pacifica police don't actually have a motorcycle division. (( steve ))however despite that big warning sign 25 traffic officers were very busy, stopping more than 130 cars and handed out 120 tickets in
8:37 pm
pacifica and half moon bay stanley roberts picks up the pacifica side of the monthly crackdown do you know why i pulled you over (probably because i had my phone in my hand) actually i didn't see that part what i observed was your speed the san mateo county saturation traffic enforcement program aka s.t.e.p turned its attention on the city of pacifica. looking for drivers behaving badly officers from all around the county including the california highway patrol focus on problem area in joint effort to reduce traffic related crashes one of the problems is sppeders . nats: ambiance this driver was caught on radar doing 49 in a posted 30 which also had signage to watch for bikes and construction ahead i'm riding with corporal asnault (as nalt) of the pacifica police department sound of officer exiting the car this driver claimed he wasn't aware his speed .this driver was caught at 47 on the same stretch of
8:38 pm
roadway .out of every thing the one thing he wanted to know if the corporal would show up for court if he fought the ticket yea i go to court they also look at stop signs runners which according to one resident is a huge problem you've been here how long oh 5 6 years and how long have you seen this big problem, every single day some people don't even stop they just come right throughcase in point this driver rolled right through the very same stop sign will have a chat with corporal asnaultit turns out the driver was stopped right infront of a relatives house and her license was inside said house . you're required to carry your license on you at all times nats: ambiance another driver ran the same stop sign . this one turned out to be an uber and the driver had a bigger problem than the stop sign there was a 6 year old in the back seat well he needs to be in a car seat ok the fine for having an unrestrained child is 490 dollars and a point on your driving record .even if you are an uber or left driver i'm going to give you a break on the stop sign violation but
8:39 pm
i'm citing you for the child not being in a child seat, ok it's very unsafe tickets were handed out to many people stopped but more than one ticket was handed out to this group out of southern california . they will be in a future segment in pacifica stanley roberts kron 4 news coming up at 8. an reptile triggers a power outage affecting tens of thousands. and it's apparently not the first time and next. a u-s mom goes into labor early and gives birth abroad.. but now the family is facing a battle to bring the newborn home.
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(steve) new at 8.. one family says what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation..quickly turned into a nightmare..(grant) the family was in cancun for vacation when the mother-to-be
8:42 pm
went into labor early.. the mother gave birth at a hospital in cancun at just 28-weeks.. now the family says the hospital continues to charge them thousands of dollars before they will release the new born.. they say what started as a seven-thousand dollar hospital bill has grown to 50-thousand dollars.. the grandparents have been working non-stop back in the u-s to find a solution and get the family home. (steve) in florida thousands of people were without power when a snake came into contact with a circuit breaker.(steve) this is the snake that caused the outage to more than 22- thousand customers within jacksonville, florida. this is the surveillance video that shows the circuit exploding when the snake came into contact. officials say this type of incident occurrs every two or three years. now animal guards and fiberglass brackets are
8:43 pm
being installed to prevent future occurrences. in sports -- we'll check how madison bumgarner and the giants are doing against the padres tonight. plus -- the big sports story of the day is o-j simpson's parole hearing decision -- we'll take you down memory lane back to 1991 when our very own gary sat down with simpson -- grant lodes has that story and all the sports coming up a website ... dedicated
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to helping crooks rip you off. credit cards numbers ... maybe in even yours ... for sale. this dark site came to light ... after an 18-year-old man allegedly
8:46 pm
confessed to buying credit card numbers .. and then using them ... repeatedly ... to buy hundreds of dollars in pizzas and wings from this papa johns. "so you get paid, initially, and then they take the money back?mark salmon, papa johns manager: "yeah, give it back to the customer." fed up after months of phony orders ... and paying for meals for the thieves .. papa johns turned to better call behnken .. to help get police attention. and they had serious evidence. the shop owner himself delivered two √°empty√° pizza boxes and confronted a man..shown here .. he admitted to the scheme. when tarpon springs police showed up later, he gave up this website. he vowed to keep his promise to pay back the shop ... to avoid arrest. "are you hopeful you are going to get your money back?papa johns: " yeah."shannon: "you think you will.papa johns: "yeah." tarpon springs police are working the credit card case .. but turned over this website to the u.s. secret service. and what a wealth of information is here... crooks .. openly buying and selling credit cards ...and sharing their dark secrets. user comments show amazon is target .. and dominos pizza may be next ..."does it make you mad that that's out there like that?papa johns: "yeah, if an 18-year-old, 19-year-old kid can buy credit card information so easily, other people can do it too, and they might use the credit card to buy more expensive stuff, not just pizza.." tarpon springs police are working the credit card case .. but turned
8:47 pm
over this website to the u.s. secret service. and what a wealth of information is here... crooks .. openly buying and selling credit cards ...and sharing their dark secrets. user comments show amazon is target .. and dominos pizza may be next ..."does it make you mad that that's out there like that?papa johns: "yeah, if an 18-year-old, 19-year-old kid can buy credit card information so easily, other people can do it too, and they might use the credit card to buy more expensive stuff, not just pizza.." gary is taking the night off... it's his son's birthday... so he is taking him to the brono mars
8:48 pm
concert... gary and his son... enjoying a little "24 caret magic" tonight... the big news today in sports and everywhere else of course... o.j. simpson will soon be a free man... a four-person board in carson city, nevada granted simpson parole today... he's served nearly nine years in prison for a las vegas armed robbery the 70-year-old simpson could be released as early as oct. 1... on the field... o.j. was a standout running back at san francisco's galileo high school and city college of san francisco... he them moved on to usc where he won the heisman trophy in 1968. the number-one overall pick of the bullfalo bils... simpson went on to a hall of fame career in the nfl... ending it with his home town 49ers in 1979. our own gary radnich interviewed him back in 1991... four years before he was aquitted for the murder of his wife nicole and her friend ron goldman... o.j. talked to gary about some of the off field issues he had at the end of...and after his career... (wipe to sot: gary and simpson)
8:49 pm
" i went through a pretty tough time during my period with the 49ers off the field like my family and divorce and all of that."" you mentioned you went through a tough time with divorce, and i know this is sensitive but i will ask you.. you lost a child in a swimming pool accident, how does one ever get through something like that?""i don't think you ever get over it, i know i haven't. you learn to live with it. i was raised with a relgious background, evergreen baptist church in san fransisco; everything happens for a reason. i woud be the last person to say that my life has not been, i've been gifted. everything is for a reason and hoprfully one day it would be revealed.""that sets some out look. you really belive that one day when something goes wrong in your life, its going to be told to. ""there's someboldy larger than me. there's a grand designer someone once said. i surrently cant sit and complain about my life and my mother told me, what you others, those things are going to you. that's probably out of all the things ive been taught, is how i try to live my life. treat you want to be treated and everything will be alright." we go to england round one of the british open. day one belong to the americans jordan speith
8:50 pm
has a great round he shot a 65 in the 17th hole -- long birdie putt puts him in the lead... he shot five under par brook koepka stays close to the 23-yea-old texan -- from the bunker... koepka eagles the 17th. matt kuchar, koepka, and speith are all tied in the lead. rory mcilroy had a rough day -- in the third -- he goes from high grass... it bounces in the green... but ends in the rough again -- he shot a 71. the number one ranked golfer in the world, dustin johnson was going for the birdie putt in the 17th... but it lips out -- he finished one over. mcilroy and johnson are seven shots off the lead tonight the giants are opening a four-game series agianst the padres. they're looking to avenge their series lost against san diego this past weekend. right now -- they are tied at two after scoring a pair in the sixth madison bumgarner is pitching in his second game since his dirt
8:51 pm
bike accident in april so far -- he's struck out four, allowed 2-run home run through six innings giancarlo staton has been on fire in july -- he has nine home runs but this week's lexus expereince amazing ultimate highlight has to go to cameron perkins on monday night against the marlins -- the phillies left fielder crashes with odubel herrera to make the catch and get stanton out miami would end up win this game 6-5 in extra innings michael vick has apologized for comments he aimed at former niners quarterback colin kaepernick... last week the former nfl star quarterback said kaepernick should cut his hair in order to change his image. kaepernick hasn't been signed by a nfl team since leaving the 49ers after last season... many speculate he is
8:52 pm
being ostracized by the nfl because he took a knee during the national anthem last season to protest racial inequaility. today vick said on "the dan patrick show" that he was "truly sorry" for those comments... which soon went viral and drew widespread criticism. warriors rookie, jordan bell might be new to the bay area... but is getting involved in the community. "i already tell kids how i feel with it. at this age obviously you always want to win. but it's not as
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tonight at 10 what i want you to do is follow my knucklego side to side with your eyes don't move your head...there are times when a segment actually writes itself this might just be one of those i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly (steve) bones ... is next then, we are back at 10:00 with the day's big stories...including people behaving badly gary has sports.. and your four zone weather forecast with brittney shipp. it's the kron 4 news at ten
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